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Take inventory and shipping off your plate. Brands and retailers turn to Fuse for complex packout and fulfillment operations. We simplify your operations by handling multiple configurations, regional customization of materials, and bundling of specific quantities for millions of units.

Our central U.S. location gives us logistical advantage to drop-ship products, collateral, printed displays, promotional products and other items to destinations across the country. On time. Within budget. Efficiently.

  • Kit-packing operations

  • Assembly

  • POP pack-out

  • Freight logistics

  • Climate-controlled and secure facility

Fulfillment + IGNITE

Fulfillment -- that last touchpoint before your products and materials fly -- is built directly into our IGNITE platform. Franchise, multi-unit operations and organizations with multiple regional offices use IGNITE as an on-demand technology hub to trigger order requests. Seamlessly integrate your fulfillment process with IGNITE for timely distribution of materials and products. Here are some examples.

  • National campaign rollouts for distribution of materials to franchisees

  • Drop-shipping brochures to regional offices all over the country

  • National installation of large format graphics or displays

  • Swag to regional offices

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