Where print meets technology.
A powerful crossroad for brands that refuse to stand still.

Our backstory.

Our origins are in print.
The smell of glistening ink and the laying down of striking colors - ruby reds and rough hewn browns, sea blues and yellow sunshine. That same artisanship and attention to detail continues in an even broader sense today—with end-to-end production solutions at our location in Berkeley, Illinois, just west of Chicago.

Here’s our founder story.
In 2016, three long-standing Chicago companies found common ground in their values. Buhl Press had a specialty of printing on plastic and working with quick service restaurant chains. Rider Dickerson had been around for 100 years and boasted a legacy name in offset printing. Kelmscott Communications amplified digital and wide-format print by adding fulfillment services, in-house tech developers and marketing creatives as well as a deep foothold in the higher education market. From these synergies, Fuse was born.

Our vision.

In late 2018, we acquired Digital Hub and continue to grow right along with our customers’ demands for new technologies and innovation. Our vision is to reimagine the customer experience in that place where print meets technology. We strive to do this in three ways:


Build an idea-sharing culture where people are excited to come to work. We are an extension of our customer. They see us as part of their team (we like that!).

Streamline project management processes to make collaboration more efficient and less time consuming.

Invest in ahead-of-its-time technology and incredible talent so that we support the business agenda and, in some cases, the digital transformation of our customers.


Our purpose.

Building momentum for forward-thinking brands that refuse to stand still.

Our people.

The Fuse team is made up of talented digital and print specialists, prepress managers, graphic designers, developers, creative strategists, color experts, production artists, quality engineers, and client service directors with a panoramic view of niche industries. Our team is 150+ people strong.

Those who brought us here continue to lead us forward. Bill Barta, John Reilly and Scott Voris hail from the three legacy companies. They’re the kind of people you’d want to have a beer with. At the end of the day, what sets Fuse apart brings us together as a team. It’s our beliefs.

Our social commitment.

We Just Want To Keep Doing Better.
Every year, we challenge ourselves to create more impactful environmental and social outcomes through our work. We strive to keep doing better in three critical areas: ink recycling, reducing waste across our company and energy conservation. Beyond our operations at Fuse, we continue to encourage socially responsible practices through our supply chain partners.

Download our Sustainability Fact Sheet