A Book, A Bullet and Six Lions



To produce a public awareness campaign book, using standard-bound materials, that could literally stop a bullet.


The Gun Violence History Book is a 19-chapter, 853-page book that describes 228 years of gun violence in the United States. Its pages are filled with articles and images describing fatal shootings. A single hole penetrates the front cover to the penultimate page of the short run of limited-edition books.


The book campaign and its accompanying campaign video that highlights the project have won multiple international advertising awards for originality and creativity. It has inspired countless schoolchildren, politicians and other citizens to consider the importance of stricter gun laws.

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Against a sea of black, a sentence composed of white lettering appears across the screen. “Those who do not remember the past are condemned to repeat it.”

These haunting words open the video describing The Gun Violence History Book, which was printed and bound by Fuse. FCB Chicago (FCB), a prominent advertising agency, was contracted by the Illinois Council Against Handgun Violence to create a campaign to inspire conversation and action about gun violence in this country. The book, provided to schools and sent to politicians, was the signature piece.

The one-of-a-kind project received international acclaim in the advertising world. FCB won three gold Lions for Design, Print & Publishing and Industry Craft and three silver Lions for Design, Industry Craft and Brand Experience & Activation at the 2019 Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity.

The impact, however, goes deeper than mere awards. Fuse contributed to this important project enabling more people to become aware and inspired. Teachers are encouraged to request a copy for classroom instruction.

Making a Book that Could Stop a Bullet

FCB’s creative team created the concept of producing a book that highlights 228 years of gun violence in the United States. The caveat for Fuse: the book had to be strong enough to stop a bullet fired from a handgun. The rhetorical statement of this unusual request was that the book could literally stop violence from happening, something our country, at this point, cannot.

FCB turned to Fuse, which explored various production approaches for this one-of-a-kind printing project. “We understood the uniqueness of what was being asked of us,” said Jamie Mandarino, vice president of sales and marketing at Fuse. “We are more than capable of printing the book, but the challenge was going to be in the binding. In addition, the deadline was very tight, as FCB’s client wanted to launch the campaign just prior to National Gun Violence Awareness Day in June.”

There Is No “Average”

When it comes to print and technology work, the book created for the Illinois Council Against Handgun Violence proves yet again that there is no “average” assignment. The right solution is the custom solution because every organization has different challenges and expectations.

Through the collaboration with FCB, Fuse brought ideas to life alongside a global, world-renowned agency. Every detail of the project was well thought out and executed, from printing strategy, project management, paper selection and color management to book binding and finishing.

The collaboration between the agency customer and our print operations was unique because the project had never been done before. That made it that much more exciting. The international recognition the book and video campaigns have received for FCB is well deserved.’ - Scott Voris, Fuse


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